John Givan - Media
John Givan - Media
“Given” Coat of Arms
The small leather bound Coat of Arms passed down in the family bearing the name “John Given”. The exact origin is still unknown, but the case is a typical Victorian "6th plate" size Daguerreotype wooden case with decorative leather cover and velvet interior with a brass matte, dating from the 1840's or early 1850's. This was likely the case borne by John Given as referred to on the description of the large painted replica hanging in the Moncton Museum.
John Givan Ads
John Givan’s Ads from the New Brunswick Courier, St. John, NB from 1827-28
John Givan stone
The monument as of 1937 when the wrought iron fence still stood. The Grafton Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanter) Church can be made out in the background on the left.
John Givan stone (closeup)
Closeup of the Givan Coat of Arms carved into John Givan’s gravestone in Grafton, Nova Scotia. Photo by Harry E. Givan and wife Frances, 1937.