Paolo Valenti & Maria Di Paola - Media
Paolo Valenti & Maria Di Paola - Media
Paolo Valenti and Descendants circa 1937, possibly in Santa Marina
1) Paolo Valente/Valenti - patriarch
1a) Maria Di Paola – matriarch, wife of Paolo (1)
2) Francesco Valente/Valenti - son of Paolo (1) and Maria (1a)
2a) Fortunata Di Paola - wife of Francesco Valenti (2)
2b) Orazio Valente/Valenti - son of Francesco (2) and Fortunata (2a)
3) Antonina (Valente/Valenti) Bella - daughter of Paolo (1) and Maria (1a)
3a) ?Salvatore Bella - husband of Antonina Valenti (3)
3b) Concetta (Bella) Iarrero - daughter of Antonina (3) and Salvatore (3a)
3c) a child of Concetta (3b)
4) Giuseppa (Valenti) Campo - daughter of Paolo (1) and Maria (1a)
4a) Antonino Campo - husband of Giuseppa Valenti (7)
4b) Domenico Campo - son of (4) and (4a)
4c) Maria Campo - daughter of (4) and (4a)
4d) Paolo Campo - son of (4) and (4a)
4e and 4f) Paolina Campo and Giuseppina Campo - daughters of Giuseppa (4) and Antonino (4a) - probably in that order but not sure which is which
Paolo Valenti and Descendants (numbered)
5) Giuseppe “Pepi” Valenti - son of Paolo (1) and Maria (1a)
5a) Maria Fassi - wife of Giuseppe Valenti (5)
5b) Paul Valenti - son of Giuseppe (5) and Maria (5a)
6) Francesca (Valente) Scibilia - daughter of Paolo (1) and Maria (1a)
6a) Giuseppe Scibilia - husband of Francesca Valente (6)
6b) Maria Scibilia - daughter of Francesca (6) and Giuseppe (6a)
6c) Filipo Scibilia - father of Giuseppe Scibilia (6a)
6d) Maria Laspada - mother of Giuseppe Scibilia (6a)
7) Antonino Di Paola - brother of Maria Di Paola (1a)
7a) Maria Pizzurro - wife of Antonino Di Paola (7)
7b) ?son of Antonino Di Paola (7) and Maria (7a) - Francesco? Giuseppe?
The Valenti homestead, 2007
This is now 427 Corso Garibaldi in San Filippo del Mela, abandoned and decrepit a century after Paolo and Maria raised their 8 children here. Standing in front are grandchildren Rose Cardillo and Josephine Scalzo.
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