Ireland in 1830

It is believed that the Givens/Givans came from Scotland to Ulster, Ireland during or after the Ulster Plantation of the early 1600's during the reign of James VI/I of Scotland and England.  There is evidence that Givans were at Dungiven in County (London)Derry in the mid-1600's.  Later Givens/Givans seemed to be mostly centred in County Antrim.

This map shows modern day Northern Ireland as well as the other three counties now in Eire, all of which together comprised the old Province of Ulster.  At the time our Givens/Givans emigrated to Canada in the 1820's Northern Ireland did not yet exist as a separate entity.
The spelling of Given in our line shifted to Givan upon arrival in Nova Scotia, Canada.

It's thought that our Givens were from County Antrim and moved to County Tyrone where John Givan was born in 1793, possibly in Omagh.  Frances Hamilton was born in Ireland as well (although information is scarce) and we believe John came back from Canada to Omagh in 1828 to wed Frances before settling back in Nova Scotia, Canada along with the other members of his family.

Omagh, Ireland

Tralee in County Kerry in southwest Ireland is where Matilda Sutherland was born in 1850.  Due to her father's military postings, the family migrated from Thurles (in County Tipperary) to Tralee, and later over to Dublin before moving back to England.  In the next century, Matilda's daughter Frances would marry Harry Givan and settle in Toronto, Canada.

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