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Northumbria in northern England contained the counties of Northumberland and Durham.  Our earliest ancestor to emigrate from England to Canada was Robert John Colpitts from whom Anna Adelia Jones was descended.  He was born in Winston, Durham County.  Robert's son William Colpitts (the grandfather of Anna Adelia Jones) was born in the small village of Haughton Le Skerne in Durham County (now contained in modern-day Darlington).  By 1782 he and his family were living in Kenton, near Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland County.  In 1783 they emigrated from Newcastle, arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved on to Colpitts Settlement in what became the province of New Brunswick.

 The Hamlet of Haughton Le Skerne (on the River Skerne) in 1858.

Haughton Le Skerne as it is today in 2004 incorporated within Darlington.

St. Andrew's Church in which William Colpitts was christened in 1775. (Location marked in the maps above)

The ancestors of Auguste Frank Barrow Burt originated in Montacute, west of Yeovil in Somerset County (seen in detail #1 below) at least as far back as the mid-1700's.  His great grandfather James Burt, grandfather Edward Knyvett Burt, and father George Edward Cyril Burt were all apprenticed as surgeons and apothecaries.

Detail #1


The village of Montacute in Somerset.  The large central edifice is Montacute House where the movie "Sense and Sensibility" was filmed.

Edward Knyvett Burt was married to Harriet Burt (same surname) whose father, John Burt, was a stone cutter, lease-holder and one-time Post Office owner in Montacute in the late 1700's.  There is a monument to the stone-cutters on Ham Hill, Montacute.

Ham Hill

Also in Somerset, by 1855 James and Anna Sutherland were living in Claverton, 4 miles southeast of Bath.  Their daughter Matilda later moved to London where she came to know the Burt family and later still was to marry George Burt's youngest son, A.F.B. Burt in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1886.

George Edward Burt apprenticed as a surgeon (later working as druggist) and then came to meet Frances Martha Barrow whose family were in London's East End in the district of Stepney.  They married in Ramsgate on the east coast in 1849 (seen in detail #2 below).

Detail #2

They later lived in Woburn, Bedfordshire (42 miles N.W. of London, 15 miles S.W. of Bedford) where two of their children were born, then Camberwell, Surrey and later still settled in Westminster, London where Auguste Frank Barrow Burt was born in 1862.

London, where A.F.B. Burt was raised prior to emigration.

A.F.B. Burt grew up at 76 York St. (now call Petty France in St. James's Park) in Westminster where his father had his chemist's shop. He attended St. Saviour's Grammar School which was located on Sumner St. in Southwark at that time, a considerable walk from Westminster, and he would have had to cross the Thames each day.  When the children were grown, George and Frances with three adult children Bessie Lina, Edward John and Annie Eliza (along with Annie's husband and baby) moved to Ontario, Canada around 1877.   Some years later George, Frances and Bessie Lina returned to England.  Frances died in Stratford, West Ham (now in Greater London) in 1892 and George in Feltham (also in London) in 1906.
Auguste Frank Barrow Burt emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1882.  His future wife, Matilda Sutherland, came to Ontario from London in 1884.

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